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Dr. Charmaine Marie, Ed.D., The Real L.O.V.E. Coach, REALTOR®

Dr. Charmaine Marie, Ed.D, The Real L.O.V.E. Coach, REALTOR®, is a Best-Selling Author from Omaha, Nebraska. She is a Master Certified Professional Life Coach, has an Associate of Arts in Communications, a Bachelor of Science in Business Communications, a Master of Science in Psychology, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership, with a specialty in Curriculum and Instruction. Charmaine is a Machinist Mate in the World’s Greatest Navy and the Chief Executive Officer of Real (L.O.V.E.) Leadership Obedience Victory, and Excellence, where she administers a Life Skills Program called Success At Its Best, for youth. Additionally, Charmaine Marie is a freight broker, screenwriter, public speaker, and poet. Her passion is helping youth to be successful in this world.

Charmaine Marie, The Real LOVE Coach, embarked on her coaching journey in 2018 with a profound realization—the need for individuals to discover the art of self-inspiration, self-initiation, and purposeful navigation toward their destinies. Recognizing that these individuals required a live, available, and present guide to propel them into their present moment, Charmaine Marie founded a coaching service that provides the motivation, direction, and guidance essential for clients to elevate their existence, nurture meaningful relationships, and cultivate successful careers.

Central to Charmaine Marie the Real LOVE Coach's philosophy are the values of stability, success, and the pursuit of exceptional results. Our mission is rooted in teaching individuals how to cultivate love from within, empowering them to attain the highest levels of happiness. We are dedicated to listening to, learning from, understanding, serving, and acting as the catalyst for positive change in each of our clients.

At Charmaine Marie, The Real LOVE Coach, we believe that stability and success are achievable and sustainable through a holistic approach to personal development. By providing unparalleled coaching and guidance, we aspire to contribute to the positive transformation of our clients' lives.

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