Success At Its Best Enhanced Life Skills Program
Enhanced Life Skills are the skills needed in order for us to make the most out of our lives. 
From the time we are born we learn effective life skills that get us to the next level. For instance, a baby learns to hold their bottle, a toddler learns to walk, children learn their alphabet, we learn to tie our shoes, we learn to brush our teeth, we learn a skill in order to obtain a job; each of these is a life skill we need in order to survive life’s changes and challenges.

Everyone needs life skills. As we grow older, we must continue to grow in these skills to gain knowledge and to help with the success of our future. Learning new skills heightens our understanding and provides us with the devices we need to live a more beneficial, positive, and satisfying life. This is how we effectively help ourselves manage the tests and trials life throws at us. Learning is a lifelong practice that enhances our intellect and enriches our quality of life.

With this program we are empowering young people with training in the following areas: 

  ● Self-care

  ● Communication

  ● Assertiveness

  ● Time Management

  ● Furthering your education

  ● Financial Stability

  ● Bullying Prevention (being assertive)

Success At Its Best Enhanced Life Skills Program teaches and mentors youth about how to live life with a purpose, set goals, and make decisions that lead to successful outcomes by exposing them to empowering enrichment activities outside of their community. The principal goals are to improve confidence, self-esteem, and academic performance, and to reduce the drop-out rate, of all youth including those who come from rural areas in the juvenile justice system that are in high-poverty areas, persistent-poverty counties, and economically distressed communities, through the establishment of group and one on one mentoring outside of their community and will deter them from being violent or engaging in violent activity, doing drugs or alcohol, joining gangs, or mental illness.

Our program objectives allow us to provide general guidance and support, promote personal and social responsibility, increase participation of all youth to include under-served, at-risk youth, and enhance their ability to benefit from this programming, by discouraging the use of illegal drugs and firearms, involvement in violence, and other delinquent activity many youth engage in, discouraging involvement in gangs, and encouraging participation in service and community activities.

We impart positive behaviors that keep our youth in school and produce an attitude of “I can”, to assure constant achievement and a drive for them to work at their full potential.  We have mentors, community leaders, helpful case managers, and educators in place to make sure we are all doing our part, when it comes to directing and sustaining positive and effective relationships with our youth, which will help keep them out of jail, off the streets, and in great programs and extracurricular activities that will give long-term successful outcomes.

We start with what is important in life such as education, goals, family, friends, work, and then bring the focus to their personal aspirations. Collectively, we discuss those things that can distract you and make you forget your dreams and your visions, such as any type of distraction not motivating you to move onward. This allows us to not only focus on what we need to do to stay on track, but what we must to do if we get off track and are willing to get back to the greater goal.

We understand everything is a process, and realize the process is learned through experience and role models. Leading by example, we open ourselves up to our youth, to provide a transparent relationship first built on trust, so they know that it is their greater self and their success that we are most interested in.

We discuss the consequences of the negative matters so their decision-making expounds on what’s next and what’s right, because they want and deserve a bright future. We can show them what’s right, help identify the wrong, and give them alternatives to do what’s right. By acknowledging all avenues and consequences both right and wrong, we encourage them to focus on the positive first, and get their attention on the journey for the future and the main goal; being the best them. 

Our plan will craft outcome objectives that are specific to our rural community’s needs, challenges, population, and proposed life skills program.

• The percentage of youth who are in correctional or juvenile institutions will decline.

• The incidence of positive behaviors among adolescents, relating to their feelings and beliefs of self-sufficiency, academic achievement and future orientation, will increase.

• The number of parents who participate in programs and counseling will increase and improve their ability to connect with their children and deliver clear healthy messages.

Measure Outcome Objectives:

• Collection and analysis of data from all youth we come in contact with.

• Continuous study on worldwide statistics.

• Surveys, interviews, and focus groups for parents, youth, and community leaders.




To enable youth with the skills to become next generation leaders

who can compete on a global platform!



serving the community since 2010