Real L.O.V.E. firmly believes that investing in our youth is an investment in a prosperous future for both individuals and society at large. While various youth empowerment strategies exist, our mentoring program at Real L.O.V.E. strategically focuses on empowering young individuals through comprehensive training in the following critical areas:


Building confidence, fostering self-love, and cultivating a positive mindset through daily affirmations.

Conflict Resolution:

Equipping youth with skills to manage anger, prevent violence, solve problems, use positive phrases and words, and enhance critical thinking skills.


Encouraging the ability to bounce back from setbacks, rediscover one's potential, and reclaim greatness after facing challenges.

Bullying Prevention (Being Assertive):

Providing tools and guidance to assert oneself effectively and prevent bullying.

By honing these vital life skills, our mentoring program aims to prepare youth for success, instilling in them the strength, resilience, and confidence needed to navigate life's challenges and emerge as empowered and impactful individuals.



To enable youth with the skills to become next generation leaders

who can compete on a global platform!



serving the community since 2010