Success At Its Best Mentoring Program

Real L.O.V.E. believes that making an investment in our youth will yield high returns for them and society as a whole. There are many types of youth empowerment strategies, however, the Real L.O.V.E. organization's focus for our mentoring program will be on empowering young people with training in the following areas:

  ● Self-Esteem (confidence building, loving yourself, daily affirmations)

  ● Conflict Resolution (anger management, violence prevention, problem-solving, positive phrases & words, critical thinking skills)

  ● Resilience (surviving through a setback, discovering a better you, and reclaiming greatness after a setback)

  ● Bullying Prevention (being assertive)

Our mentoring program enhances our youth’s confidence, builds positive self-esteem, and progresses their leadership abilities, with the end goal being success. Our youth are constantly encouraged to go for the gold and make their dreams come true regardless of obstacles that may come. Obstacles are not dream-stoppers they are next-level lessons we can get over!




To enable youth with the skills to become next generation leaders

who can compete on a global platform!



serving the community since 2010