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I am Charmaine Marie, the founder and owner of Real LOVE Executive, a producer of top-quality wines. My vision for Real LOVE Executive is to create a sense of refreshment, revival, and renewal with every sip of my wine. I strive to cultivate joyous atmospheres and become a part of every celebration where my wine is enjoyed, marking life's significant moments and achievements.

Real LOVE Executive stands as a distinguished, woman-owned, and managed wholesale wine company, artfully curated by its visionary CEO, Charmaine Marie. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Real LOVE Executive boasts a collection of the finest quality wines, each crafted with precision and attention to detail. Our selection offers a delightful array of flavors, ensuring a sophisticated and pleasurable experience for the discerning palate. Elevate your moments with Real LOVE Executive wines, where every sip embodies a commitment to class and refinement. "Sip With Class" isn't just a slogan; it's an invitation to indulge in the epitome of elegance and taste.

Established in 2023

Real LOVE Executive is a distinguished, woman-owned, and managed wholesale wine company, carefully curated by its visionary CEO, Charmaine Marie. Founded in 2023, Charmaine started this company with a mission to deliver top-quality wine to the wine community, make women's history, and enhance her brand. Charmaine Marie's goal is to infuse positivity and love into every glass of her exquisite wine. She believes that wine has the power to relax and celebrate life's accomplishments. Charmaine wants everyone to embrace themselves, cherish every moment, and sip with sophistication and class.

At Real LOVE Executive, we aim to:

      ● Deliver Unrivaled Quality: We are dedicated to sourcing and offering only the finest quality wines, ensuring each bottle represents the pinnacle of taste and craftsmanship.

      ● Champion Diversity: Embracing diversity in our wine selection, we celebrate the rich tapestry of flavors from various regions, vineyards, and varietals, catering to a broad range of preferences.

      ● Exemplify Elegance: Our commitment to sophistication and class sets us apart. We want our wines to be more than a beverage; we want them to be an experience that enhances the most special moments.

      ● Empower Women: As a woman-owned and managed enterprise, we aspire to empower women in the wine industry and beyond, fostering a culture of inclusivity, leadership, and excellence.

      ● Sip With Class: Our slogan embodies our Commitment to delivering more than just a commodity; an invitation to savor life's moments with style and refinement. We believe that every sip should be an experience in itself.

      ● Community Engagement: We aim to contribute positively to the communities we serve. Through partnerships, events, and initiatives, we strive to leave a significant imprint and forge enduring bonds.

Real LOVE Executive is not just a wine company; it's a commitment to transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, one sip at a time.



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