Real L.O.V.E. wants to see our young people succeed in life and is passionate about empowering young people in our community. We believe that when young people are empowered, our society becomes a good place for all to live. They will assist in the economic activities of the society where they find themselves.  And in turn families and entire nations will benefit. 

The program strategy of the Real L.O.V.E. organization is to engage in collaborative efforts between local educational agencies, juvenile departments, detention centers, public/private non-profit organizations, and/or youth-serving organizations to support the development of effective programs for all youth, particularly at-risk youth. 

We are "all in"......

INvested, INterested, and INvolved in developing youth into successful leaders,

equipped to identify, pursue, reach,

and exceed all of their goals.


To improve confidence, self-esteem, and academic performance of all youth, particularly at-risk youth and

To reduce the drop-out rate for all youth, particularly at-risk youth, through the establishment of group and one on one mentoring. 


Provide general guidance and support,

Promote personal and social responsibility, increase participation of underserved and at-risk youth in elementary and secondary education, and enhance their ability to benefit from this schooling,

Discourage use of illegal drugs and firearms, involvement in violence, and other delinquent activity many youth engage in,

Discourage involvement in gangs, and

Encourage participation in service-learning projects and community activities.


To enable youth with the skills to become next generation leaders

who can compete on a global platform!



serving the community since 2010