Minding Your Owned Business Youth Small Business Start-up Initiative
Real LOVE’s Youth Small Business Start-up Initiative, “Minding Your Owned Business,” is committed to fostering a broad and all-encompassing network of purpose-driven young entrepreneurs and individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the nation. Our thoughtfully curated programs are tailored to immerse youth in transformative endeavors, igniting their enthusiasm and equipping them with the entrepreneurial mindset needed to create their own paths. We strongly believe that this approach cultivates a generation that embodies determination and optimism and is thoroughly equipped to confront future challenges with self-assurance and determination. Within this program youth will learn the following: 

Students will brainstorm business ideas:

Real LOVE will create a dynamic and engaging brainstorming session that empowers students to generate creative and impactful business ideas.

Students will choose a business name:

Students will have the opportunity to generate and choose a business name that resonates with their business idea and effectively communicates their brand to potential customers.

Students will get an EIN:

Students will successfully understand and complete the process of obtaining an EIN for their respective businesses.

Students will prepare to get a DBA:

Students will be well-prepared to proceed with obtaining a DBA for their business, allowing them to operate under a name that represents their brand effectively.

Students will create a business plan:

Students will be able to develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines their business idea, strategy, and operational plans, setting a solid foundation for their entrepreneurial journey.

Students will create a mission statement:

Students will be able to craft a meaningful and effective mission statement that clearly communicates the purpose and values of their business venture.

Students will create a vision statement: 

Students will be able to craft a compelling and aspirational vision statement that conveys the future direction and goals of their business venture.

Students will learn about LLCs:

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of LLCs, their advantages, how to set them up, and key considerations for operating under this business structure.


To enable youth with the skills to become next generation leaders

who can compete on a global platform!



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