The Community Leadership Appreciation Award



 The Community Leadership Appreciation Award,
Inspired by Vivian Miles CEO of Gifts Beyond Miles, is a way Real L.O.V.E., gives back to the community.  We collectively choose individuals quarterly for their hard work, leadership qualities, and their drive and determination to make a difference in the community. 


Emmilia Doyle, Executive Assistant at The Chosen Vessel Cathedral, is a sweet, loving, hardworking person who gives everything she has to make people happy. She believes in making a difference in everyone she comes in contact with. Her positivity and willingness to help is what makes her stand out and this is what the Community Leadership Award is all about.  We want her to know she is loved and appreciated.

Congratulations Emmilia Doyle!!!




LaToya McIntosh, founder of Wounded But Not Broken Ministries, goes above and beyond for her family and community. She is a radio show host at TMIRADIO.COM and is fulfilling her dreams of reaching the hearts of people by giving them the real truth about love and life as she "Preaches the Gospel" to our generation. We wanted Latoya to know that all her hard work does not go unnoticed and her works are what the Community Leadership Appreciation Award is all about. We the community, appreciate everything you do.

Congratulations Latoya McIntosh!!!


Mike Brown is an amazing Chaplain at the Department of Juvenile Justice.  The youth he serves absolutely love him and speak very highly of him because they know he genuinely cares about them.  He prays for them, he reaches out to them, listens to them, and he is real with them.  The youth, who are like his children, along with the community, and staff thank Mike Brown for everything he does to instill values, love, and kindness into everyone he comes in contact with.  He is what the Community Leadership Appreciation Award is all about and his great works are very evident and appreciated.

Congratulations Mike Brown!!!



Ms. Alice
Ms. Alice is a stellar cook at the Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County.  She loves people no matter who they are, is genuinely concerned about them, and treats everyone the same.  Not only that, she puts her heart and soul into every meal she prepares.  Her love and kindness towards the community she serves is what the Community Leadership Appreciation Award is all about.  The community loves you Ms. Alice, your coworkers love you, and here at Real L.O.V.E., we love you too.

Congratulations Ms. Alice!!!


Nolan and Rachael Yancey are with the Tarrant County Community Partnership Council.  Rachael your passion for women who have been incarcerated to be able to get out and start over and make a great life for themselves is remarkable and your transparency is commendable.  We thank you for what you do in this reentry community because it gives hope and encouragement and motivates people to want to do more and do better.  Nolan and Rachael Yancey you have taken the reentry program to a whole new level and it is absolutely amazing.  Your love for people is what the Community Leadership Appreciation Award is all about and we truly appreciate you! Congratulations Nolan and Rachael Yancy!!!


We were amazed to talk to Sandra Stanley, CEO of Opening Doors For Women In Need, about what she does and to hear about her amazing works in the community.  However, to go and see what she is actually doing for women is awesome.  She has a whole neighborhood of homes to help women gain sense of life and responsibility, to get their life in order, and to feel good about and love themselves. She also has a relationship with all of these women.  We sat and talked with women who don't live in the home anymore, but come back just to hang out because this is home to them and they love being there.  That is phenomenal.  So often people need help and they are treated like charity cases and disrespected and talked about, but Sandra loves these women.  Her ministry heals them with love and kindness and the Word of God.  Sandra, you are all about giving back, you give the shirt off your back.  You, with your great team, are making a difference in the community and you are what the Community Leadership Appreciation Award is all about. Congratulations Sandra Stanley!!!
Andrina Williams, CEO of  RDDC, Red Dynamite Dance Company, you are receiving this because of your hard work and dedication to youth in this community. You had a vision you made it plain and God blessed you in a major way. Anytime you can bring adults together for the greater good of the youth that is huge. You have an amazing work team and an awesome dance team. Your love and passion for youth and your strength to endure and persevere is what the Community Leadership Appreciation Award is About. We are so proud of you, so happy for you, and thankful to be able to know you. Keep doing what you’re doing we can wait to see what’s next! Congratulations Andrina Williams!!! (TICK TICK TICK BOOM)
Katrice Reed, you are being presented with this Community Leadership Appreciation Award because of your dedication to the community, your genuineness, and your realness. You help the homeless, youth, women, children, the church, your family, and friends. Your organization, Loving Yourself Inside and Out Ministries is reaching thousands and you are on your way to millions. Your love for people in general is amazing, your heart is platinum, and you have the highest level of care and concern for everyone whether you know them or not.  You pray for people and the community all of the time. Your plight is that the world just be happy, that people be successful, and that everyone understand that God is love and love covers all. We love you and appreciate you and your are so deserving of this award just because you are you. Congratulations Katrice Reed!!!
Michael Nelson, we want to thank you for your dedication to the community and across the United States. You’re one of the busiest men we know. If you’re not helping to fix the aftermath of a disaster or helping prevent fires from spreading, you’re loaning your shoulder, giving helpful advice, or feeding yearning souls with your love and laughter! As the Disaster Program Manager for The American Red Cross, we have seen you help people with disaster relief, awareness, and emergency services, which has a major impact on their well-being. Valuing and saving lives is no small deed, but you do it effortlessly and humbly and we salute you. We cannot overstate how important you are and how much the community appreciates everything you do. On behalf of Real L.O.V.E. and every soul you have ever come in contact with, thank you for always being readily available to help no matter how big or small the problem. Thank you for being genuine from the inside out, and for reflecting your light on us! We love you! Congratulations Michael Nelson!!!




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